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1 day ago • 1 min read

I messed up, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE] 🫣

Reader, I didn't make any New Years resolutions this year, but I did set one goal: to write and send 52 newsletters this year. I already messed it up. Today will be the fourth newsletter out of the six weeks of the year. And while that's not too horribly far off from pace, it wasn't the strong, consistent start I expected. I feel that sinking feeling between my sternum and my spine. I let myself down. But on Monday morning, I journaled about this. And in an effort to show up, course correct,...
4 months ago • 3 min read

Tired of procrastinating and falling off track?

I hadn’t spoken on my Instagram story in what feels like months. Since the last time, the thought of it pulled into the space behind my sternum. It made me dizzy. So I put it off like my taxes, and it's April 15th. Each time I thought about it, I watched the moment pass like a bystander to my own inaction. Each time, I gave more power to the pull inside me. To that sinking feeling tying me down. Procrastination. Inaction. Guilt.Procrastination. Inaction. Guilt. Procrastination. Inaction....
5 months ago • 2 min read

I fell off track all week long 🫣

If you'd rather not read my chicken scratch, here's what I wrote in my journal this morning: I haven't journaled since I got home [on Sunday] and that's okay. For the first few days after getting home, I was so sick that I felt like I was melting and like my eyelids had their own gravitational pull. I couldn't keep them open and I couldn't stay awake. For a few days, I somehow clocked over 20 hours of sleep. Like, damn. Honestly impressive in a weird way. But as some of my energy returns and...
6 months ago • 2 min read

An endless helping of shame

The worst years always started with a declaration. “I’m being healthy this year.” “I’m doing a keto Thanksgiving.” “I’m not eating the leftovers.” In the days before Thanksgiving, I usually passed the test. I tiptoed around meals, wore sweat as my burned-a-lot-of-calories badge of honor, and avoided sugary breakfasts and the countertop nuts. But on that fourth Thursday, after just one cranberry marg, I was spiked with scarcity. My struggling self control took the reins. I ate and ate until...
7 months ago • 3 min read

You, Me, and the Roman Empire

My TikTok feed was an avalanche of idealistic morning routines, seasonal salad recipes, know-your-worth manifestos and sparkling footage from the corners of the earth. The algorithm knew me well. Until the end of this summer when the Roman Empire first appeared. I don’t remember where I was but I do remember the words “Roman Empire” flashing by as my little thumb raced to find something more worth my time. Ten “Roman Empire” videos later, I gave in. I even unmuted my phone. I landed on a...
7 months ago • 5 min read

Do you need to slow down?

Yellow light wrapped me up like a hug from a friend on a summer Sunday morning. In a big, warm gulp, it swallowed me whole. Clouds cuddled around me and the river swirled and swayed. Specks of light danced on top. Time floated by. In that moment, the world held me tight. I sat on the shore and watched the leaves play. They took turns, falling, going, flowing with the water below. One by one, they carried on and took my thoughts. Passengers with no place to go. I wanted to stay there forever,...
7 months ago • 4 min read

Comparison: the anti-thief of joy

Justin Bieber was blaring from the basement to the roof but you could still hear the laughs and squeals of the seven other girls stomping around that sticky college house. Some sat criss-cross in front of their mirrors. Others crowded the bathrooms while they did their hair and planned the night. In my closet of a bedroom in the basement of that house, frustration and envy bubbled over. I huffed and puffed my way through my wardrobe. I picked myself to pieces in the flimsy mirror on the back...
8 months ago • 5 min read

Embracing Rock Bottom

Reader, If I kept my eyes open, the world blurred and swirled around me. When I squeezed them shut, I felt the pull of each spin deep in the space between my sternum and my soul. Through my spotted vision, I grabbed my phone and turned to Google. I typed "panic attack and vertigo, eyes open or eyes closed?" There wasn’t a good answer. I only had two cards to play and they both sucked. Soon enough, a wave crashed down and I erupted in the stillness. Panic poured through me and out of me and...
8 months ago • 4 min read

You are the chooser. You are in control.

I did it again. I fell off track over the weekend. Really fell off track. I skipped my morning walks, blew off both of my planned workouts, ate a mountain of chips & guac on more than one occasion, drank a few too many spicy margaritas, and completely forgot to align my chakras. How could I? Just kidding about aligning my chakras, although maybe that’s what I’m really missing... It’s now Monday morning and I’m feeling behind, guilty, and a little swollen. Before I even get out of bed to start...
8 months ago • 5 min read

✨Find your light, your strength & your power 🌱Grow into your most confident self 💪🏻Build a healthy lifestyle you can actually keep

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